Stivers Legal


Legal support for families and entrepreneurs.

Areas of Practice


Estate Planning

I can help you create a substantial and comprehensive estate plan. Estate planning can save your family a great deal of stress, worry, and even estate tax money.

Small business formation

I have helped many people form businesses, from wedding photography to charities, and from real estate holding companies to consulting companies. I can assist you in the preparation of all necessary state and federal documents to begin your company, prepare for customers, and even trademark your logo.

Estate administration

Have you recently lost a loved one? I can help you navigate the process of gathering and distributing their assets, regardless of whether they had an estate plan. My goal is to help your family handle this difficult situation with as little extra stress as possible.

Real estate transactions

I have done many real estate transactions. I have sold homes by assisting my estate, trust, and small business clients, and I have the expertise needed to sell your home whether through a realtor, for sale by owner, or private sale by contract.

Trust administration

Do you have assets you want held in Trust so that you can control these assets even after your passing? I can help you create and administer a Trust plan, ensuring that your wishes are maintained even when you are no longer able to handle matters yourself.

General practice law

If you have a special issue, and you feel like you need legal assistance, please feel free to contact me for a discussion. If I am not able to help, chances are I will be able to refer you to someone who can.